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RBC Capital Markets is a market leader in securitization, a specialized form of financing that can unleash new opportunities to enhance your competitiveness. We have been helping clients develop winning securitization strategies for over two decades. Offering an attractive financing alternative for companies that have current funding and liquidity needs, we work with clients to identify and convert future income streams – such as mortgages and credit card receivables – into tradeable securities. We provide innovative structured financing solutions for banks, finance companies and other asset originators. Through our global platform, we distribute and trade securities originated by both RBC Capital Markets and our clients. We are active traders in the secondary market for a wide range of ABS and MBS, and in Canada, we also originate, structure, distribute and trade CMBS. We have extensive experience covering a wide range of traditional and non-traditional assets, as well as delivering innovative solutions and proprietary analytics. Our expertise covers: We provide the majority of liquidity and program credit enhancement support facilities for the conduits we administer. RBC’s conduits feature robust credit enhancement levels; achieving market-leading trading performance and a superior investor following. You can contact us by calling or sending an email to the RBC Conduits team using the phone # or email address below: conduit.administrator@P. RBC Capital Markets has strong measures in place to ensure the security of your transactions and the confidentiality of your information. It is also important that you take the necessary measures to ensure the security of your information, when you log on to any secure website or Internet service. Remember me is a secure and convenient way to sign in. We don't recommend this option if you're using a public or shared computer. To turn this feature on, select the 'Remember me' box and a cookie will allow RBC to recognize your computer the next time you sign in. If you delete cookies on your computer you will erase the identification(s) you have saved. Rbc dominion securities online sign in banque royal joliette In-depth expertise. RBC Dominion Securities helps over 400,000 clients worldwide through its team of highly accredited advisors backed by industry-leading specialists. Learn more. Canadian provincial and territorial securities laws require securities registered firms such as RBC Dominion Securities Inc. "RBC DS" and RBC Direct Investing Inc. "RBC DI" when they trade in or advise with respect to their own securities or securities of certain issuers to which they, or certain other parties related to them, are related or connected, to do so only in accordance with particular disclosure and other rules. Further, these rules require dealers, prior to trading with or advising their clients, to inform clients of the relevant relationships and connections with the issuer of the securities. Clients should refer to the applicable provisions of the relevant securities laws for the particulars of these rules or consult with a legal advisor. 1. An issuer of securities is "related" to RBC DS or RBC DI if, through the ownership of, or direction or control over voting securities, RBC DS or RBC DI exercises a controlling influence over that issuer, or that issuer exercise. With an independent focus that encourages and rewards initiative, industry-leading investment and wealth management support, and the backing of Canada’s largest financial group, RBC Dominion Securities is the leading choice for investment professionals who want to build a successful wealth management practice. Further your wealth management career or client-facing practice at one of the world’s five largest wealth managers* and become part of an awarding-winning team. For more on RBC Wealth Management’s recent award wins RBC offers a competitive compensation and benefits package in a culture that rewards success. We offer a variety of programs, policies and resources to help employees manage work/life responsibilities while meeting business objectives. We recognize our people are the bedrock of our organization. As one of our employees, you’ll receive development opportunities to further your career, with access to a comprehensive range of courses and programs. Visit the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) career database to explore our current opportunities and submit your resume. Strength and stability Being a member of the RBC Dominion Securities team you’re backed by the strength, stability and expertise of a firm that has been in the investment and wealth management business for over 100 years. Independence with support We know that you are high achieving, self-assured, disciplined, competitive, driven, empathetic - all qualities of our most successful Investment Advisors and support staff. That's why our support infrastructure focuses on helping you service clients, manage assets, build your own business and grow your career. Powerful tools and technology We’ll provide you with the post powerful desktop tools and technologies to help build your business and grow your career. Top calibre training At RBC Dominion Securities, we know that our employees are our most important assets. That’s why we provide customized training solutions to help you succeed in your role, effectively manage your practice and stay on the leading edge. Learn more “I always thought ‘How can I relate to people with Wealth? I doubted myself whether I was going to advise people with money.’ We’re all people. We face the same questions about how to raise children, how do we spend our money, how do we save our money, how do we retire, and how we’re going to have enough money to retire” “At RBC Dominion Securities, I have the strongest full service wealth management firm fully behind me. There is a clear and fierce pursuit to be the best. This vision drives management forward to lead by example, hire the most talented and motivated individuals, change and innovate and support its team. I am happy to work here.” “At RBC Dominion Securities, I get a lot of support and my clients get a full suite of services. With the partnerships we have across RBC, we can collaborate and create a great experience, whether it's with our partners in Private Banking or services for business owners via Commercial Banking.” “Having the ability to work with such a high level of experienced and dedicated team of professionals leads to a constant learning opportunity. I am surrounded by exceptional individuals who share my work ethic and values. Equities are pieces of a company, also known as "stocks." When you buy stocks or shares of a company, you're basically purchasing an ownership interest in that company. A company's stockholders or shareholders all have equity in the company, or own a fractional portion of the whole company. They buy the stocks because they expect to profit when the company profits. Companies issue two basic types of stock: common and preferred shares. Both public and private corporations can issue common shares. Common shareholders are the owners of a company and initially provide the equity capital to start the business. Common share ownership in a public company offers many benefits to investors. The following are some of its main advantages: There are also a few drawbacks to owning common shares. Although part owner of the business, common shareholders are in a relatively weak position, as senior creditors, bond holders and preferred shareholders all have prior claims on the earnings and assets of a company. While interest payments are guaranteed to bond holders, dividends are payable to shareholders at the discretion of the directors of a company. Preferred stock is a class of share capital that generally entitles shareholders to fixed dividends ahead of the company's common shares and to a stated dollar value per share in the event of liquidation. Typically, the preferred shareholder occupies a position between that of a company's creditors and its common shareholders. If a company's ability to pay interest and dividends suffers due to poor earnings, the preferred shareholder is better protected than common shareholders but worse off than creditors. There are many different variations of preferred shares, including convertible, retractable, and variable-rate preferred shares. Most Canadian preferred shares are cumulative: when dividends are withheld, they accumulate in what is known as arrears. All arrears of cumulative preferred dividends must be paid before any common dividends can be distributed. As preferred shares have characteristics of both debt and equity; they provide a link between the bond and common equity sections of a portfolio. Because there is such a wide variety of preferred shares available, they are suitable investments for most investment portfolios. One shortcoming of preferred shares is that many are non-voting. However, after a specified number of preferred dividends are withheld, voting rights are usually assigned to preferred shareholders. No matter where you are in life, equities have an important role to play within a properly diversified portfolio. They can help with building your savings, maximizing your income and protecting your wealth: Yes. Equity investments vary in their risk but are generally considered higher risk than cash-type investments or bonds. Equities offer growth of capital and dividends but you must endure the unpredictable ups and downs (risk) of the stock market. This is one of the many reasons equities are often more suitable for longer investing time horizons.

Through DS Online, you’ve been able to keep track of the progress you’re making towards your financial goals with convenient online account access. Now, with the upcoming launch of the new RBC Wealth Management Online, you will enjoy a significantly upgraded online experience. It’s coming very soon, so if you haven’t yet enrolled in our online services, there’s never been a better time. There’s never been a better time to enrol for our online services. In the coming weeks, DS Online will be upgraded to the state-of-the-art RBC Wealth Management Online. Building on the great features you can enjoy now with DS Online, the new RBC Wealth Management Online will offer you a greatly enhanced online experience: View your account information any time from the convenience of any personal computer or device with secure Internet access. Do so knowing your privacy is protected by your confidential password, personal verification questions and advanced encryption technology. Find out the value of your equities, options and mutual funds – all based on current market pricing. You also can view your transactions and check on the status of your trade orders. Obtain detailed real-time quotes for stocks and options listed on Canadian and U. markets, and daily closing prices for mutual funds. Plus, you can create up to 50 custom “watchlists” each containing up to 100 securities you want to monitor. And you’ll receive exclusive market commentary and the latest business news. Access key documents such as statements, tax slips, annual reports, trade confirmations and prospectuses at any time. You’ll have current documents at your fingertips, plus a seven-year archive. Choosing e Documents means you reduce your paperwork, while helping the environment. Click to RBC Wealth Management Online through RBC Online Banking, and view all of your various RBC accounts. You can also transfer funds from your RBC Royal Bank accounts to your RBC Dominion Securities accounts in real-time during regular business hours. Download the complimentary RBC Mobile app, which gives you another convenient way to access RBC Wealth Management Online from any device, such as your smartphone, tablet or desktop. using Java Script to ensure the best experience through the site. Please check to learn how to enable Java Script on your browser and enjoy the best experience. using Java Script to ensure the best experience through the site. Please check to learn how to enable Java Script on your browser and enjoy the best experience. Rbc dominion securities online sign in the royal bank online RBC Wealth Management serves the needs of high net worth, affluent and institutional clients worldwide through a full range of tailored solutions. Advisors & branches directory - RBC Wealth Management Welcome to the Simcoe Branch of RBC Dominion Securities. You’ve achieved a lot in life, yet there’s so much more you want to do. Maybe you want to help your loved ones with a milestone purchase or fund your new business venture. Your next project may be to create a lasting legacy for future generations or, perhaps, you'd like to make a. In-depth expertise. RBC Dominion Securities helps over 400,000 clients worldwide through its team of highly accredited advisors backed by industry-leading specialists. Learn more. We have added a new payment function “Send to RBC Dominion Securities”. You can now access this new feature by selecting the “Payments” menu on web and i OS devices or the “Transfer Funds & Pay Bills” menu on Android devices. All personal, private, business and corporate banking clients*. For business and corporate clients, you will need to ensure you have the appropriate permissions to send Wire Transfers since this new feature leverages existing wire transfer functionality. *Barbados, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Cayman Islands, St. Kitts, Antigua, Grenada, Montserrat, Dominica at this time. Please refer to the video and the help icons in Web, Android and i OS for additional tips to ensure you are inputting all the required information. Personal, private, business and corporate banking clients* can access this feature in one of two ways, depending on which platform is being used: Private Banking and VIP Banking clients will be exempted from Wire Transfer fees for transfers to RBC Dominion Securities ONLY. Otherwise, the same fees and service charges will apply. Please refer to our Schedule of Fees & Service Charges or contact our Client Advice Centre for more details. Note: If you are a Private Banking or business/corporate banking client and the payment requires approval, you can view it in 'Approvals & Processing'. If not, you will see it in the 'History & Upcoming' tab. You will not be able to save a template for this function, however, if you had a previously saved wire template, you can opt to delete that template and utilize the new simpler, faster and more convenient method of conducting this transfer. The transfer and all relevant information you need will appear in your transaction history and in the ‘History & Upcoming’ tab once processed. For a Business/Corporate banking client, if a payment is waiting for approval please review the ‘Approvals & processing’ tab. For personal banking clients, limits are based on individual entitlements related to your RBC Client Card. For business and corporate clients, limits will be based on same permissions assigned to the Wire Transfer feature. Business and Corporate clients can engage their Relationship Manager, otherwise call our Client Advice Centre for more information. The ‘Send to RBC Dominion Securities’ payment function is essentially a wire transfer. There is no change to the processing time for wire transfers using this method, however, you will enjoy a simpler, faster and more convenient method to fund your RBC Dominion Securities investment account(s) denominated in Canadian or US dollars. The ‘RBC Dominion Securities Payment Info’ is very important. Please refer to the tooltips for account number format and instructions. For example: ‘For further credit to 123-45678-90 in the name of John Doe’. Please be sure to check your transaction history and the ‘History & Upcoming’ tab because your payment may have been returned to your account. Business and Corporate clients can refer to their Relationship Manager, or otherwise contact our Client Advice Centre should you have a question about any payment. Online and Mobile Banking uses state-of-the-art encryption and never stores your personal or financial information on your device. Additionally, you’re protected by the RBC Security Guarantee for Online and Mobile Banking. So whether you’re moving money between your own accounts or sending money to a friend, you can rest easy knowing that both your money and financial information are protected.